Testimonials from satisfied guests
Testimonials from satisfied guests
Testimonials from satisfied guests
Please allow us to share the testimonials from our satisfied guests.
Thank you very much.
This was our third stay. We stayed in a Western-style room and had a relaxing stay.
Breakfast and dinner were so voluminous, each meal was very filling.
I visited during summer this time, but there were more meat dishes in the dinnertime buffet and the braised pork was particularly delicious.
Also, the dish with whole seasoned tomatoes was delicious.
The open-air bath in the onsen has a bench on the wooden deck and I was able to relax while star gazing.
I would love the opportunity to stay here again.
The staff at this hotel are all wonderful.
Nature combined with the sincere hospitality allowed for a very relaxing time.
I had a small child with me when I stayed, but they were so good to us it made me very happy.
The room was stylish and clean with a great view, and the food was delicious.
Delicious Japanese sake was also available for a very reasonable price.
In the open-air bath in the main bath you can hear the wind passing through the mountains. The hotel is in a magical, excellent location that really lets you feel close to nature, however the onsen didn't feel as rich as the inner bath. I would have been happier if it were a little richer.
I would love to stay here again.
I often travel alone and stay here when I go skiing.
They have single rooms available so I can make reservations without any hesitation and meals are half-buffet style, which I like because I can eat as much as I want of the things that I like.
I like how easy it is for me to relax here and plan to continue coming here.
The staff were great from the moment we checked in and we had a really fun trip.
The buffet style breakfast and dinner were great, and I liked how health-focused the meals were.
I used the tobanyoku for about an hour and it felt great. I would love to stay here again.
Thank you for the great care during my recent stay.♪
I was able to really relax.
The room was also very cute. (^^)
I found it to be a great hotel if you are staying with kids.
I'd like to go back again.
Every year, after visiting my family grave I stay one night at Dake Onsen.
I stayed here for the first time last year and it was wonderful so I stayed here again this year.
Both the bath and the food are great!
This was the first time I chose the Tobanyoku Course, but I was able to feel the fatigue and toxins leave my body.
See you again next year. Thank you. ♪
I stayed here on the way back to my family's home in Sendai for the summer holidays.
Being so close to the Nihonmatsu I.C. makes it very convenient.
My husband loves baths and he was very satisfied with the quality here.
There is no roof over the open-air bath and I was able to see the beautiful sky as I bathed. It was very impressive.
According to one of the staff members, the autumnal leaves and snow-covered mountains are also beautiful to witness, which made me want to visit each season to see for myself.
Dinner was in the restaurant where I found it a little hard to relax, but it was very clean and some items like shabu-shabu are brought to the table while the rest is buffet style.
My daughter was also happy she was able to eat what she liked.
The bread and coffee in the morning were also delicious.
The female staff at the front counter spoke to my daughter and were very friendly. It was nice.
Thank you for taking care of me during my recent visit.
The hotel is very clean, the staff is friendly, and I found the onsen very soothing.
During both breakfast and dinner, in addition to the numerous vegetable dishes available in the buffet, other dishes were also available, and the meals were delicious.
I'd like to stay at this hotel again.
I was very satisfied with the previous stay I had at this hotel.
This time I invited senior employees from my company who were retiring on an onsen trip.
Everyone was very pleased with the beautiful changing leaves, the delicious meals, and the relaxing onsen.
For details, please see what the others wrote on their comment sheets.
I feel very confident recommending this hotel to anyone.
Even without the fun conversation I enjoyed with my former coworkers who I hadn't seen in a long time,
it was this hotel that made this trip such a great success.
The greatest compliment I have received is the nagging by my company seniors to plan another trip soon.
I had stayed at the Soranoniwa Petite Hotel with a friend before and it was great.
This time I stayed here and it was great too.
The room was sufficiently spacious for one person, it had all the amenities anyone needs, and it was very clean.
There were lap blankets available and ample consideration had been made for the cold weather, for which I was very grateful.
The staff member's explanation at check-in and check-out was polite and they always greeted me energetically in passing.
If you have any sightseeing questions, I recommend guests of the hotel ask at the front desk.
The bedrock sauna, which was an additional cost to the plan I booked, really took away my fatigue.
I felt truly refreshed afterward.
Thank you very much.
I stayed at this hotel with friends on our annual New Year's overnight onsen trip.
It was great that we could set out our own futons as we didn't have to worry about getting in the way of the staff's schedule.
Both dinner and breakfast were satisfying.
I was happy to be able to serve myself rice and miso soup, etc. at dinner so that I could control my own portions and not feel like I needed to eat everything I was served.
Overall it was very relaxing.
Next time I'd like to stay during a season when there's no snow.
Thank you for taking care of me during my stay.
This hotel was great.
The room was stylish and Western and felt very resort-like. It was very relaxing.
The room was cleaned very well and it was spotless.
Care was given to every detail, like the water from Mt. Adatara in the refrigerator and the clips with our room number on them for the slippers.
And of course, the bath! Dake Onsen really is the best.
In particular the open-air bath allowed a breathtaking view of the snowy landscape and soaking in the milky white water was so relaxing.
As someone else said in their comments, the changing room was clean and we had no complaints.
Dinner was also delicious.
Guests are treated well here and it is definitely somewhere I would recommend to anyone.
I left something behind, but the staff were kind enough to mail it to me with a letter attached, which I thought was especially touching.
I was extremely impressed by the thought to detail in everything from the hand basket for carrying towels, etc. to the bath, the samue hotel wear (which I was grateful for because I don't like yukatas), the clip with our room number on it for the slippers (so that we knew which slippers were ours after taking them off in the changing room for the bath?), down to the water in the refrigerator and other small details.
The hotel staff were always smiling and kind, which helped mellow my own mood.
The tobanyoku was also very satisfying and I'd like to try it again.
It was a little disappointing that the water in the main bath was too hot at night so I couldn't soak for very long.
Thank you very much.
I traveled to the hotel by motorcycle and was very grateful to be able to park it under the building.
The staff at the front desk were very kind.
The onsen was great and really took away my fatigue. The tobanyoku was also fantastic.
I have been extremely busy at work and I was finally able to take one day off. I'm so glad I used it to stay here.
I hope to go touring in Fukushima again soon and stay here!
I stayed here for work, but the stay was above and beyond my expectations and I am extremely satisfied.
Next time I'd like to visit on my own time.
I decided to stay at this hotel because I was very interested to learn what exactly an "eco-room" is.
Upon entering the room, I could see the rich nature outside making me forget the big city.
The layout of the room was also well thought out and convenient to use.
The bath is naturally free-flowing water so I timed it so that I was the only one using the bath and was able to have a really relaxing soak.
If there were razors in the changing area of the bath that might be the only thing that could have made me happier (there were razors in the morning).
There were plenty of vegetables in the meals, and the miso soup at breakfast was particularly delicious.
I was very grateful for the lift to Koriyama station on my way home.
This is a hotel I would definitely like to stay at again. Thank you.
I wanted to relax in an onsen so I made a reservation here.
The onsen felt great and my timing was great because there was no one else in the bath when I went in so I had the huge bath all to myself!
Dinner and breakfast were both delicious.
I would like to stay here again.
Thank you.
The interior design of the room was beautiful and my wife was very impressed.
The flooring is a lovely dark wood, the wallpaper is very stylish, and attention to detail has been paid in the lighting and objects around the room.
We were able to enjoy the spaciousness of the open-air bath.
On the way home we passed the Soranoniwa Petite Hotel and it seemed to have a wonderful atmosphere hidden amongst the trees. My wife and I discussed how next time we would like to try and stay there.
I stayed here to celebrate my wedding anniversary.
At dinner, on the dessert spread we received a congratulatory message as well as from the staff, which made me very happy.
I stayed here on a motorcycle trip. The staff had me park my bike near the entrance where it would be less likely to be harmed.
The onsen was great. In particular, the open-air bath had no partitions and felt extremely spacious.
Next time I'd like to come back with a friend or two.
I stayed in the "eco-room." The trees that were visible from the large window and the comfortable futon made for a very good night's sleep.
I highly recommend the private rental bath.
The indoor bath has a fragrance of trees and the trees visible to the west of the outdoor bath are quite tall allowing a gentle amount of light to shine in.
The temperature is adjustable and you will want to stay in the bath forever.
The main bath is an onsen and therefore quite hot. If you time it right you can have the bath all to yourself.
At night, when there is no sunlight coming in, or early morning may be best.
The meals feature a lot of vegetables and are very healthy with a wide variety of choices. I found it surprising that everything I tried, without fail, was delicious.
It may be a little disappointing to men or if you are expecting a magnificent feast, but I highly recommend it for women.
The staff at the front counter took great care of me, especially when I was late for my esthetic salon appointment. They were always polite and I found their way of speaking soothing.
The aroma of the trees follows you wherever you go and I now truly understand what "forest bathing" means.
I'd like to visit again.