Local sightseeing attractions
Nearby sightseeing spots recommended by Soranoniwa
Local sightseeing attractions
Nihonmatsu area
Kagamiga-ike Pond
- Kagamiga-ike Pond -
A 5-minute walk from Soranoniwa
The symbol of Dake Onsen. A water park with a babbling stream spreads around Kagamigaike Pond.
- Sakura-zaka -
A 5-minute walk from Soranoniwa
From Dake Onsen town to Kagamigaike Park the road is lined on both sides with Someiyoshino trees, and at the peak of cherry blossom season they make a tunnel of sakura (cherry blossoms).
Kasumiga-jo Castle Park
- Kasumiga-jo Castle Park -
A 15-minute drive from Soranoniwa
In spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossom trees here that were chosen as one of Japan's 100 best sakura viewing spots.From spring to summer see the wisteria trellises and hydrangea at Kasumigaike. Enjoy the Kiku Ningyo (chrysanthemum shaped puppets) in autumn.
Chieko Memorial Hall 
- Chieko Memorial Hall  -
A 20-minute drive from Soranoniwa
Tour the home where Chieko was born and raised.
Tohoku Safari Park
- Tohoku Safari Park -
A 10-minute drive from Soranoniwa
Approximately 1100 different African animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes, roam freely in this park.
Nihonmatsu lantern festival
- Nihonmatsu lantern festival -
The lantern festival(Chochin Matsuri) at Nihonmatsu Shrine is one of Japan's three great lantern festivals. Pictured in the photo is an event that happens on the day called "Yoi Matsuri" when all seven towns in the area light the flames of their lanterns together.
Fukushima city area
Hanamiyama Park
- Hanamiyama Park -
A 50-minute drive from Soranoniwa
The most famous cherry blossom area in Fukushima city.In addition to cherry blossoms, plum, peach, magnolia, and a variety of other flowers can also be enjoyed here.
Bandai-Azuma Skyline
- Bandai-Azuma Skyline -
A panoramic course weaving through the Azuma mountain range from Takayu onsen to the west of Fukushima city to Tsuchiyu pass. A breathtaking view colored by mountains with an average elevation of 1,350m, this course was selected as one of "Japan's Best 100 Roads."
Joraku-en Garden
- Joraku-en Garden -
A 35-minute drive from Soranoniwa
This garden is a reproduction of a Kyoto garden from mid-Muromachi period 650 years ago. Enjoy the beautiful landscape here.
Miharu area
Miharu Takizakura
- Miharu Takizakura -
A 45-minute drive from Soranoniwa
The town of Miharu is famous for its Takizakura. The best time to see it is from mid-April to the end of April.
Miharu Dam
- Miharu Dam -
There is a museum and an introduction to the world of dams.
Miharu Castle Ruins
- Miharu Castle Ruins -
A 45-minute drive from Soranoniwa
It is currently popular as a park.
Urabandai area
Mount Bandai Viewing Spot
- Mount Bandai Viewing Spot -
A 25-minute drive from Soranoniwa
Past the Tsuchiyu roadside station Mt. Bandai comes into view when you come out of the tunnel. There is parking on the right allowing you to view Mt. Bandai as leisurely as you please.
Lake Akimoto
- Lake Akimoto -
A 40-minute drive from Soranoniwa
This spot has become an observation point. No matter the season you come beautiful landscape views await.
Scenic Trail
- Scenic Trail -
A 50-minute drive from Soranoniwa
The road along which Lake Akimoto flows into the Nakatsugawa Gorge. The mountain road is almost entirely paved, however there are some very high steps and rocky areas along the way so please be careful when walking.
Goshikinuma Ponds
- Goshikinuma Ponds -
A 75-minute drive from Soranoniwa
The Goshikinuma Nature Trail is a popular course up Urabandai designated as a special protected area even within the national park. Approximately 30 lakes are scattered along the trail including Bishamon-numa (photo, left) and Ao-numa (photo, right). Boat rides are available on Bishamon-numa.
Lake Hibara
- Lake Hibara -
A 80-minute drive from Soranoniwa
The largest lake created by a Mt. Bandai eruption. Enjoy a pleasure boat ride here.
Kitakata area
Ohara Shuzo
- Ohara Shuzo -
An 80-minute drive from Soranoniwa via the Nihonmatsu I.C. to Bandai-Kawahigashi I.C.
A historical sake shop established in 1717.You can observe how sake is distilled and taste some sake. The Japanese sake called, Kurashikku (classic), whose broth is fermented with music by Mozart in the background, is a very popular series.
- Mamemaru -
An 80-minute drive from Soranoniwa via the Nihonmatsu I.C. to Bandai-Kawahigashi I.C.
At Mamemaru, you can enjoy foods and sweets that use miso from Kanechu.
- kanecyu -
An 80-minute drive from Soranoniwa via the Nihonmatsu I.C. to Bandai-Kawahigashi I.C.
A miso and soy sauce factory with a history of more than 180 years.
Inawashiro area
Lake Inawashiro
- Lake Inawashiro -
The fourth largest lake in Japan located in almost the exact center of Fukushima prefecture. The lake enraptures visitors with its beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons.
Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall
- Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall -
A 60-minute drive from Soranoniwa
The home where Hideo Noguchi lived for the first 19 years of his life remains exactly as it was at the time he lived there. The letter of determination he carved into the pillar upon leaving for Tokyo and the letter from his mother, Shika, found in the museum are must-sees!
Enichi-ji Temple historic site
- Enichi-ji Temple historic site -
A 60-minute drive from Soranoniwa
This temple opened by the Buddhist monk, Tokuitsu during the Heian period in the year 807 was designated a National Historic Site in 1970. In the Tohoku region, it is known as the oldest temple with a known origin.
Roadside station Bandai
- Roadside station Bandai -
A 60-minute drive from Soranoniwa
There is a farmer's market area and souvenir shop here. The soba-flavored soft serve ice cream is popular.
National Important Cultural Property Tenkyokaku
- National Important Cultural Property Tenkyokaku -
A 70-minute drive from Soranoniwa
You can try on clothing from the Meiji period and get a taste of the Meiji period atmosphere in the tea room.